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Chickamauga Lake Crappie Fishing Report

The third outing for crappie was as promising a trip as we’ve had. After three days of warmer weather we knew the water temperatures would be up. In fact, it was nearly eighty degrees today. Knowing the temps would be back down tomorrow we decided that today was the best day of this week to go sample the staged crappie in our sweet spot.

Obviously the fact that we never do as well in this area this early hasn’t penetrated our thick skulls, so we loaded up with more minnows than usual and went for it. There were impending storms in the forecast that never came to bear, but it didn’t matter.

We caught only three short fish and stared at thousands of fish finder bleeps over the course of the evening. Part of the process is to take good notes on when and how the bite happens, but we’re struggling to relax in an exceptionally warm winter season. We’ve also had tons of flooding and rain with the warmer weather and are unsure how this will ultimately affect the spawn. At this point we haven’t noticed anything different and the fish are still standing around waiting on the spawn green flag to drop. We’re planning on sampling the waters once a week until we find some keepers biting and we can get a sense of the spewing stage.

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