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Chickamauga Lake Crappie Fishing Report

We made our first crappie scouting trip last night after work. We usually make a run about this time each February. Having had so much flood rains and mild temperatures over the winter this year, we really didn’t know what to expect. The water levels appeared to be down around normal. The daytime temps had reached 60 degrees but this has come on the tail of a few colder days leaving the water temps around 46 degrees. The cooler water temps seemed to dramatically affect the activity of the fish.

The good thing is that there were thousands of fish over the mile or so of area we were fishing. The bad thing is that we only caught three fish over three or four hours and all three bit extremely soft and put up zero fight. Lethargic fish told us we weren’t quite there yet. We’ll be sampling once a week or so until the water temps and activity picks up, which should be very soon (we hope).

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