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Chickamauga Lake Crappie Report

After a few weeks of consistently warmer temperatures, we’re starting to expect more and better results. I took the duck slayer out with the neighbor for a Monday evening sneak attack at Wolftever creek. The electronics showed modest groups of crappie everywhere in six to twenty feet of water. With jut two keepers to show at 10pm we started packing up and leaving. As we rode by the only other boat and asked about their luck, those guys told us to drop anchor and fish with them. The action was significantly better on their spot, possibly due to the arsenal of water lights they had employed. It’s was borderline pink Floyd lazer light show and it was working. We bumped our keeper count to six in an hour or so and filled our limits with their fish they didn’t intend to keep. It was a ton of fun fishing with those guys and yet another bit of proof that crappie are hard to figure out.

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