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Crappie Scouting on Chickamauga Lake

Got the call mid-morning on Sunday that we were going on a Sunday afternoon crappie search. The weather had trended a little warmer since our mid-week run, but had again tanked for Sunday. The water temps had risen from 45 to 48 degrees, but the air temps were 43 and sinking.

I hopped on the boat in a drizzle and low forties. the rain would come and go all day. We saw crappie holding in all the usual places but had just a handful of bites resulting in no hookups. we moved around and made some speed runs up and down the river scanning for holding fish. we decided to drop a shiner on some very deep (45 feet) fish holding on some structure that resulted in an immediate hookup on a little smallmouth. That glimmer of fortune was followed by a another big dose of nothing, followed closely by freezing cold boat rides in heavy wind chop. Obviously still not time for them, but we’ll keep sampling until the bite picks up.

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