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Late Summer Saltwater

Despite a crushing schedule, we managed to get our annual beach trip in this month. We didn’t really pack heavy, just loaded up and made a run for it. I took just one rod and my tackle bag (prepped for saltwater).
I managed to fish every day we were there and chased that with cold drinks and sunsets on the beach. It was a good trip, a welcome break from the strangling effects of work and life.
I met a guide down there last year but didn’t manage to get out with him. So this trip i made sure that he and I connected right up front. It was good to fish with someone that really knows the area and techniques and besides that he’s a cool guy.
On Tuesday I hooked up with Captain Jason Stock before sunrise and we threw the kayaks in to see what we could do.
It wasn’t really about sheer numbers, but the chance to do some fishing with a guy that knows what’s up and just relax and enjoy the opportunity. We did manage to catch a few fish while we were at it, but I considered it less of a guided trip and more of a chill fishing trip with paid-for company. That might make him a hooker..? Anyway it was a good time right up until about 1:30pm when the sun started pounding us and we had to tap out, largely due to common sense. I think we get along so well partly because he’s a simple soul on the water. He takes the tackle he needs and nothing else. We shared the same feeling about catch-and-release, too. Not everyone enjoys the simplicity of fishing these days. While we were fishing and chatting, it came to light that Jason knows and has fished with my neighbor’s uncle, who has also taken us out for some saltwater fishing. Funny, small world, when you consider the degrees of Kevin Bacon we’re talking about here.

The rest of the week I kept it simple. I woke up every day and drove to the classic Rod & Reel Pier and fished with artificials and live bait until I either got bored, hot or hungry. It was therapy of the highest order, for sure. I released every fish caught the entire week and even somehow manage to only catch exactly one lady fish all week to boot.

Huge Snook, 1 of 3 this guy caught on lizard fish at the pier.

I don’t very often get a chance to chase these fish and was glad to check that off the list for 2012. Hopefully we’ll be heading down to see “Uncle Tony” in October to round out this year and squeeze in one last saltwater trip.

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