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Mid-summer Checkup

Despite this being one of the busiest summers that I can ever remember, the opportunity to get out and fish has been surprisingly good. Having the kayak has proven a lifesaver (or rather a season saver). More importantly, having a buddy willing to go whenever in his kayak has made the summer. We’ve been balancing a heavy work schedule with grilling, chilling and fishing on the weekends for a few weeks now. The extreme summer heat has hampered efforts a little, but it’s been more of a “what time of day” than whether-or-not-we’ll-go situation. I haven’t been adding much to the t-shirt store this summer either, but a few designs have made their way onto the store.

The great news is that I get to return to the mangroves of Florida again this summer. In a few weeks we’re heading down to unwind and try to catch as many reds and snook as can be caught in a week. We’re not going to the exact area as last year, but north a dozen miles to try out another condo. I’m a little bummed to have to study a whole new area, and in the end we may end up going back to the other place. It looks like plenty of fish are there to be caught as well, s for now I’m banking on it being more of the same. It’s close to Bradenton, so by all accounts, I’m heading to the right place.

I’ve already purchased an array of saltwater-safe top water plugs and studied google maps to the limit. Of course, this year I have my own kayak so rental won’t be in the equation. Pretty much feels like I’m locked and loaded. I still have to get new suffix on my chosen combo and wouldn’t mind if i had a backup spinning rig for the adventure, but have come up short all summer on a sale with exactly what I want. I’ll do my best to stream some pictures in, hopefully of big reds and long snook!

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