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My Crazy Charity

I think about it all of the time. Even when I was a kid I dreamed about having a boat and going on an adventure. I’ve had some adventures over the years in little aluminum boats, since then. I even have my grandfathers little v-hull powered by the monstrous 6hp 1967 Evinrude. It’ll run about 11mph with a modest load and is nostalgic to fish out of, if not particularly safe. I’ve made some great memories over the last decade with friends in their boats, especially during duck season.


Partially because of the career I’ve chosen, and partially due to plain ol’ reality, I’ve never been able to get my own full blown rig. I’ve always said you’d know I was “there” when you saw me trailering my own fancy swamp boat to the river. Last year a custom boat builder and friend in Louisiana called me up with an offer. He had one last boat of a particular type I loved, and he wanted me to have first crack at it at a pretty good savings over full retail. My wife told me to go for it.

I knew then that I’d be facing the real issue when it came time to buy a motor. It’s the boat of my dreams and I had no intention of putting a tired old used outboard on the back of it. It’s been a year of paying for the boat and I thought I’d be ready to buy the motor by now. It hasn’t happened and honestly, I don’t see it happening any time soon. The reality of life and bills just puts it out of my reach. It’s been a tough decision, but I had to call it off recently.

Believe me, I want it, but the reality of being so close to catching up old bills and the cost of living is just too much. I could go to the bank, but I couldn’t sleep at night taking on debt on top of debt for as selfish a reason as that. If we started having kids before I got it all paid for, I’d be screwed. At the end of the day, it’s a luxury and I can’t afford it.

I’ve been walking, paddling and bumming rides for so many years, I can’t even imagine fishing or hunting from my own rig. It just can’t happen anytime soon for me. I decided not to sell my beloved boat, but also not to spend more money I don’t have trying to force the motor issue. It’s the right play.

The upside is that I love the outdoors and this blog is proof. I decided this weekend to add a “Donation” button to the site. Of course the site is non-profit and always will be. I have some google ads installed and apparel for sale to try to help with the expenses of the site, but they don’t even come close to covering. HFG isn’t about making money, but it occurred to me while fishing that maybe I could add the “Donation” tab to help raise some money for a motor. I realize that amount of money won’t fall from the heavens overnight, but maybe a few bucks here and there could add up. I already know I’m not getting a motor on my own, so why not? If nothing else, it’ll be a good birthday and Christmas deposit for my motor fund!

Who knows, maybe enough HFG fans, friends and family out there can throw in a few bucks here and there and make my dream come true. If not, at least we can scratch up enough money to pay the site’s annual fees in the meantime. I’ve got nothing to lose! If you’re feeling generous at all, please donate, any amount at all. I set the default to just $5, but you can change it to more or less easily. Whether or not you donate, thanks for being a fan of HuntFishGrill.com.


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