Friday night crappie


Chickamauga Lake Crappie Report

I couldn’t make my weekly crappie trip last night, so here’s the report that came back. Pretty slow with a dozen or more short fish until about 9pm. There was a keeper or two before nine, but about ten keepers were caught between nine and ten pm. This pattern is very similar to what we’re used to in crappie season. I’ll take that as a sign of the impending spawn. About 11 keepers for the night with the big fish right at 14″. Weather has been pretty even 81/55 degrees all week so we expect the bite to stay level in spite of some scattered storms.

Weekend Crappie Combo Report Chickamauga Lake

After a decent Wednesday night outing, we gave it another go on Friday. Unfortunately a harsh weather change locked their jaws up tight. we caught two keepers in five hours of fishing that ended up at 41 degrees by about midnight.

14.5" KeeperAs temperatures returned to normal, Sunday afternoon was wide open for a double special fishing trip. For the first time, my custom aluminum boat hit the lake. Yeah, it only has a trolling motor for power, but it hit the water like a champ. The weather was good except for the winds picking up to about ten MPH later in the day. I only caught two fish, but they were good fish on light tackle. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It looks like crappie season is full underway starting any minute now.

Bass on a beetle spin. My specialty.

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Series Premiere Wednesday, March 21 | 10/9C

Series Premiere Wednesday, March 21 | 10/9C

Chickamauga Lake Crappie Fishing Report

8 delicious slabs officially kickoff crappie season for us.After weeks of speculation, the bite has started. It was a modest stringer, but it was a stringer! Last week we ended up with two keepers that we threw back and virtually nothing else. This week there was a keeper in the live well by the time I got in the boat and steady action all naught. It wasn’t fast and furious, but from 7:00p to about 9:30p the action was consistent. Continue reading »

Chickamauga Lake Crappie Fishing Report

The third outing for crappie was as promising a trip as we’ve had. After three days of warmer weather we knew the water temperatures would be up. In fact, it was nearly eighty degrees today. Knowing the temps would be back down tomorrow we decided that today was the best day of this week to go sample the staged crappie in our sweet spot. Continue reading »

Crappie Scouting on Chickamauga Lake

Got the call mid-morning on Sunday that we were going on a Sunday afternoon crappie search. The weather had trended a little warmer since our mid-week run, but had again tanked for Sunday. The water temps had risen from 45 to 48 degrees, but the air temps were 43 and sinking. Continue reading »

Chickamauga Lake Crappie Fishing Report

We made our first crappie scouting trip last night after work. We usually make a run about this time each February. Having had so much flood rains and mild temperatures over the winter this year, we really didn’t know what to expect. The water levels appeared to be down around normal. The daytime temps had reached 60 degrees but this has come on the tail of a few colder days leaving the water temps around 46 degrees. The cooler water temps seemed to dramatically affect the activity of the fish. Continue reading »

Banging Off of Trees on the Last Day

Ending a season that wasn’t all that great with a few bumpy boats rides seemed appropriate. We had a blast even with the few ducks we managed to shoot.

Post-Hunt Ride in Brent’s Boat

After hunting Sunday morning (not it the rain thankfully) we made another lap around the area and turned the Camera on. I had the camera on the inside of the grab bar this time, to protect it from limbs. The view isn’t as good of the bow from that mounting location, but it’s still pretty cool.