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Turning Down The Volume

The dance we do to make ends meet, connect with appointments and satisfy the endless stream of things everyone else needs blurs our vision from time to time. We start thinking in terms of the scoreboard. Spending more and more money and effort to get as close to perfection as possible. Blah blah and blah.

I’m no stranger to slowing things down, but sometimes I even surprise myself. I’d been on the sideline for fishing for about a month due to work and who knows what else, when we planned to fish last weekend. Those plans dissolved and we swore we’d get out this weekend.

We decided to get shiners and bass tackle and go for a state record spot at Parksville lake. We loaded up and drove 20 minutes before i realized I’d forgotten one of the trolling motor batteries. Continue reading »

May River Fishing

After a couple weeks off of crappie spawning we decided to run the Tennessee river in the tail race below Chickamauga Dam. Good rainfall had the flow around 25,000 and the weather was sunny and calm otherwise. We really didn’t set the river on fire but I managed to hook a couple of beautiful smallies and one cranky catfish before the daylight ran out. Nothing special other than a great evening on the water.

Squeezing In the Last Few Kayak Fishing Trips

After a good day on the water with Richard Simms last Sunday, we decided it was worth our while to hit the river in the kayaks this afternoon (a week later). Two things we didn’t look at, the weather or the flow. The flow ended up being pretty legit, but the rains did come. Fortunately, the heavy rains fell while temps hovered in the low 60s so it was tolerable if not heavy at times. Continue reading »

Jig Fishing Lands Monster Catfish on Tennessee River

We’ve been taking  shots at the schooling white bass for a couple of weeks. The other night my buddy went after them and his friend hooked up with this fatty on a grub! Fishing with grubs and jigs for white bass and shad is a great way to get in some fishing both late and early in the fishing season while fish are aggressively feeding on schools of bait.