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Afternoon River Run

Nothing special here, just a nice cruise down the river on Saturday afternoon.

Scouting for ducks in the boat.

A little afternoon scouting to find a place to hunt. Terrible bluebird day for ducks but a good chance to run the motor for a few minutes.

2014 Season Opener Wood Duck Limit

With as many ducks in the area as ever to open the season, i knew where to go to at least stay busy with wood ducks. Going here pretty much guaranteed that only wood ducks would be shot, but it also guaranteed ducks. I passed up on several easy shots, so many in fact that I almost waited too long. I finally picked out a few and knocked two down and waited for an easy third duck to round out my limit.
A sever lack of water and rain is going to be an issue sooner than later but for now, the gadwall and woodies will have to do.

Squeezing In the Last Few Kayak Fishing Trips

After a good day on the water with Richard Simms last Sunday, we decided it was worth our while to hit the river in the kayaks this afternoon (a week later). Two things we didn’t look at, the weather or the flow. The flow ended up being pretty legit, but the rains did come. Fortunately, the heavy rains fell while temps hovered in the low 60s so it was tolerable if not heavy at times. Continue reading »