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Turning Down The Volume

The dance we do to make ends meet, connect with appointments and satisfy the endless stream of things everyone else needs blurs our vision from time to time. We start thinking in terms of the scoreboard. Spending more and more money and effort to get as close to perfection as possible. Blah blah and blah.

I’m no stranger to slowing things down, but sometimes I even surprise myself. I’d been on the sideline for fishing for about a month due to work and who knows what else, when we planned to fish last weekend. Those plans dissolved and we swore we’d get out this weekend.

We decided to get shiners and bass tackle and go for a state record spot at Parksville lake. We loaded up and drove 20 minutes before i realized I’d forgotten one of the trolling motor batteries. After a high speed loop to gather the battery we streaked to the lake in search of a place to snag some shiners only to realize live bait isn’t really anywhere up there. I just happened to have my cricket bucket so we ended up loading up on crickets an hitting the water. About halfway through the evening it occurred to me that we’d stumbled onto that rarest of occasions, the perfect outdoor experience.

We had a cooler full of drinks, light tackle and the lake to ourselves. Even the scalding summer heat had dropped into the upper 70s as we trolled from laydown to laydown plucking fat bluegills and spots from them. I had grabbed my ipod on the way out the door and the tunes completed the package. I have been fishing a million times in all kinds of situations, but this was one of those trips you just must have every once in a while. A good old fashioned bream fishin’ trip.

Setting up some ipod jams for the cricket fishing

Setting up some iPod jams for the cricket fishing.

We set out with our own high stakes tournament in mind and ended up goofing around and getting excited about small fish and clear water structures. Perfect medicine for a summer full of work and other things that aren’t fishing!

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